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07 January 2008 @ 01:11 am
1001 Whovian Nights  
(posted with the kind permission from the mod.)

I am hosting a drabble tag over on my personal LJ, titled 1001 Whovian Nights!. It is open to anyone and everyone, as well as being multi era! We covering ALL of Doctor Who history with this one!

Come on over and join in the fun, or just read what others have already posted. I'm aiming for 1001 drabbles about the Who-verse, so only post drabbles in the drabble post. We also have a Cheering Section, linked to the drabble post, where you can go on about a great drabble you might have read, or add some drabble prompts yourself. So by all means, go have a nosy and feel welcomed to play in my TARDIS sandbox!